The Church office will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

9:00 AM -1:00 PM 

Staff are available by phone or email at any time.


Sunday - 10:30 AM Morning Worship (Sanctuary and Online)

Wednesday - 6:00 PM Bible Study and Prayer (Fellowship Hall and Online)

We will be broadcasting both services on

Facebook Live 

(If you need assistance in accessing, please call the church office at 864-277-8335)

ALL activities held on our church premise will continue to be meeting under the suggested guidelines for safety and social distancing.  You may contact the church office if you have questions.  Please be considerate of other worshipers as you attend.  We will continue to broadcast all services on Facebook in the event you are considered to be in the High Risk category.


Sunday - 10:30 AM Morning Worship

(Santuary and Online)

Wednesday - 6:00 PM Bible Study and Prayer  (Fellowship Hall and Online)

We will be broadcasting both services on

Facebook Live 

(if you need assistance in accessing, please call the church office at


Thank you for your faithful giving to West Gantt First

Ways to give:

  • Bring your offering to the church Mon., Tues. or Wed. (9 AM - 1 PM)

  • USPS (PO Box 8661, Greenville, SC  29604)

  • Family Gate Church Online Giving (

Should you have any concerns as to how to give or how to set up online giving, please contact the church office.

Contact Information:



1452 White Horse Road

Greenville, SC 29605

PO Box 8661

Greenville, SC  29604

Dear Church Family:

After a relaxing vacation, I thought it would be a good time to write,  I want to reaffirm my love for the Lord Jesus and His church.  All of you are a special part of my life and I miss each of you.  I want to thank you for being faithful through these challenging times.

My prayers are for your continued trust in the promises of God during the unprecedented events that swirl about us.   May I remind you, that every one of His promises are received by faith  Unfortunately, the media, the politicians the medical community, the anarchists in the streets are bombarding our way of life with fear, chaos, and confusion.  I plead with you not to allow these evil schemes of Satan to overwhelm you faith.  Our faith in Jesus Christ as commended in Scripture, is the only hope we have.  So, cling tenaciously to His precious gifts of abundant and eternal life.  See every day as another opportunity to glorify the Father through faith.  In a time of great discouragement, Elijah was told to "be still and know that I am God."  Wherever you  journey takes you , it is more about God than it is about you!  He makes us the same promis in the OT and the NT, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Difficult time demand difficult decisions.  The number of increased COVID 19 diagnoses remains concerning to many.  Suspending worship services and activities are also troubling to many.  After prayer and consultation, I have decided on the folllowing plans for the foreseable future...

     Worship in the sanctuary will begin again on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM.  The service will continue to be streamed live on WestGantt First Facebook for those who are unable and/or uncomfortable             attending.  All other activities including Sunday School, choir rehearsal, regular youth and children activities will be suspended temporarily.  (Our Young Life Ministry will contact our students for planned         events).

     Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer will replace Wednesday Evening Worship and will be streamed live on West Gantt First Facebook page.  If you need assistance setting up Facebook please call the                 church  office.  

     The church office will remain open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9AM - 1PM

     As your Pastor I am available for phone calls and visits.  Your concerns are most important to me.  Meeting your needs will never be a burden for me.  It is my calling and my joy!

Another matter of information concerns Rev. Chris Bates' ministry role.  Chris has asked to be relieved of his weekly children and student responsibilities.  He will assume a more active role as WGFBC's Associate Pastor while continuing to pastor Family Gate Church.  A reduction of his income will then be applied to calling a part time Director of Young Life Ministries.  The deacons discussed and approved this change at their February meeting.  The current leadership of the Young Life Ministry (Lloyd Cox, Pam King, Curtis Thompson, Vicki Hinkson, Donna Rich) along with the Pastor and Associate Pastor will be given the task of searching for the new director.  This will not be easy in our current environment, so please pray for their success.

In closing I once again plead with you to pray and trust God to provide for the needs of His church; always remembering "Faith is the victory that overcomes the world!"

Your Pastor,



1452 White Horse Rd

Greenville, SC 29605

      PO Box 8661

Greenville, SC 29604

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